1. A project entitled Energy, Environmental Protection and rehabilitation to Eritrean Afar Refugees and asylum seekers supported by UNHCR implemented in 2017. More than 20,000 trees planted in Aysaaita and Berhale refugee camps and more than 80,000 previously planted trees cared by OSD team. More than 23,158 people befitted from the project beside micro climate change in the area. More than 1,300 refugees receive solar lantern during this project period.

2. A project entitled Enhanced Resilience of Refugees in Aysaita and Berhale supported by DKH implemented in 2017\18. 630 vulnerable HHs addressed directly beside 3150 indirect beneficiaries from the refugee camps and host communities through vegetable and briquette production and sale. The project was a nine months’ project with great contribution in promoting people resilience for shocks through income generation beside diversifying availability different vegetables for food.