OSD since 2014 in collaboration with UNHCR has achieved to distribute more than 2000 solar lantern / lumps for the refugees HHs in Aysita and Berhale camps. In addition, since 2017, OSD in collaboration with the German donor called DKH (Diakonie katastrophenhilfe) established a briquette manufacturing plant in Aysita and distributing briquette for 1000 refugee HHs throughout the 2018 and this number will increase annually by 1000 until it covers all the refugee HHs in both camps who are more than 5000 HHs at the current time. The briquette are made of  prosopis tree branches which are very invasive and harming the pastoralists by invading their grazing land. The regional and federal government of Ethiopia are looking for the solution to overcome this invading plant and OSD achieved to come up with solution that help the unemployed youth of the region to find their livelihood. OSD also achieved to obtain the right to use the tree for briquetting purpose