Organization for Sustainable Development (OSD) is a non -profit organization registered as local NGO in 23 June 2011. It has a General Assembly (GA) at the apex. Under the GA, there is a board of directors and an office of secretariat that leads the overall activities of the organization.  The secretariat of OSD has 83 staff members composed of 43 professional employees with Masters and first degree owners and 40 technical workers.

  • OSD was established by Founding members initiative; Mr. Mohammed Ahmed, the present Executive Director, taking the lead, to implement sustainable community development programs and to relieve poverty and to improve the food security status of the community through supporting the National environmental protection and rehabilitation and pro-poor program objectives. Thus, OSD was emerged to making the National Environmental Protection (NEP) and Rehabilitation interventions objectives central to combat climate change, enhance livelihood.
  • While continuing to expand these interventions; the organization currently, has shown greater leap in multiple engagement including Emergency Response, disaster risk preparedness, life-saving, and resilience building programs, humanitarian programs, community empowerment, governance/social accountability, gender, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Energy and health services, and education etc.