Organization for Sustainable Development (OSD) is Ethiopian resident charity organization which is officially registered with certificate number 2319 in June 2011. OSD has General Assembly (GA) at the apex. Under its GA, there is board of director then office secretariat that leads the overall activities of the organization. Since it is establishment it has proven track records in the implementation Natural resource management, Livelihood development, supply of household energy, WASH, Health and agricultural sectors. These sectors is being implemented with innovative approaches and tangible changes with in both host and refugees communities. Furthermore, OSD`s projects focused on the development and emergency /humanitarian aid activities/.

What we do:

OSD is mainly working for the areas

  • Natural resource management: to ensure environmental protection for sustainable development of the country.
  • Livelihood development: livelihood development of vulnerable groups including refugee communities. Build the resilience of vulnerable groups in refugee and host population to disasters.
  • Energy: Ccreate alternative source of energy with reducing of carbon emission including briquette production and distribution.
  • WASH: Provide clean and potable water including sanitation and hygiene promotion for needy communities.
  • Health: Improve the health situation of vulnerable groups including refugees through increasing attitude of the community and access to health service
  • Agricultural sectors: Increase household income and economic activities through agricultural and livelihood development programs.